VARIO – The Alternative

VARIO - The best combination, propably.

Maximum Performance: VARIO

This is how we understand a combined system. Usually one has the idea to join all lasers in one housing. We think that our crossover from diagnostic and treatment for the anterior and posterior eye segment is propably the one with the most advantages.

Our solution is called VARIO:

  • Perfect vision throug the Optics, for anterior and posterior.
  • Full mobility for your patient – also with wheelchair.
  • 2 slitlamps included.


VARIO Teaser


You need a YAG Laser and a Laser for Photocoagulation and a laser to perform SLT?

  • Designed for the anterior and posterior segment
  • Modern Laser systems on one table
  • Optional head-up-display
  • Spacious legroom for wheelchair patients

World leading technology for Ophthalmology


Designed for anterior and posterior eye segments

Specially coated optics with parallel or convergent tube provide a detailed view into the anterior segment or the posterior segment.


stimulating the Trabecular Meshwork
Ideal for anterior and posterior segment

Slit lamp PCL5
Benefit from specially coated optics with parallel or optionally a convergent tube which provides a detailed view into the anterior segment.

Head-up Display
Check all the necessary values at a glance – without taking the eyes from the eyepiece. The display follows each alteration of the energy level. The overall input energy is displayed in addition.


Combine your lasers – get the best out of the available space



2 lasers on an examination table – Just in case your available space does not grow with the number of patients.


KTP-Laser CLASSIC or Nd:YAG-Laser Q-LAS or SLT-Laser CITO 532

2 Lasers on one examination table